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2013 Year End News Letter

Wow!!! Another year in the books. This year just seemed to fly by. Lindsey and I finished our family house and finally have our own home to raise the family. We moved in in April and had clients in the very next day, "what a rollercoaster". All in all it worked out perfect and the season got underway without a hitch.
Water levels this year were the craziest I have ever seen. We had zero run off this spring and all-time lows all summer long. The power company and the army corp. of engineers really dropped the ball on their management of our water and we had to deal with the lowest water levels in history. Thanks to some spring rains and a few summer rains we managed to squeak through without any river closures. With these difficult river conditions the Missouri river still didn't disappoint this year. The spring fishing was the best I have ever seen. Large numbers of fish and large numbers of big fish. The summer months started out great and got tougher as the water levels dropped and the air and water temperatures rose. We battled through those dog days of summer and caught fish in places we had never fished before. As the air temperature dropped in the fall the fishing got better and better. It was like fish came out from every rock under the water. Like I have always said the very best fishing is in the spring and fall, fish want to fatten from the winter and they want to fatten up for the winter. 2013 brought records this year for the lowest water levels, absolutely no run off, and the two biggest fish that I have ever seen on the lower river in 21 years of guiding.

Biggest Fish of the Year-

This was truly a different year!!! In May Paula Henley broke a 20 year mark with a beautiful 26 1/2" brown trout caught on our lower river. Up until that point we had never caught a fish on the lower river bigger than 26". Way to go Paula on a magnificent fish. Brian O'Neil bested that mark one week later with a 27" brown trout caught on the lower river. So a 20 year record was broken twice in a week, and for the first time in years Brian's 27" brown was the fish of the year. We did get some really nice fish at the Land of the Giants but none were landed that beat Brian's fish. Way to go Brian!!! Brian will get a free day of fishing in 2014 and have his name on our biggest fish of the year plaque. Looks like bragging rights for Brian.

Our second year of hunting was quite a success. Joe guided several clients into some really nice deer as well as a few elk. The hunting season was long and the weather keep the elk in hiding most of the season. We are adding cat and bear hunting to our 2014 season. If you are interested in a hunt with Joe please give us a call and talk to Joe and he will customize the Hunt You want!

Notes from Lindsey;
Oh My Goodness… What an Awesome Year!!! Thank you ALL for making it another year of wonderful memory making! Lots of change in the Bloomquist family over 2013. Hannah graduated high school and our lil Finnah started kindergarten. Hannah is attending college at Carroll and Finns at Cascade and they are both Loving their new adventures. A special Thanks to everyone who sent something special for these new beginnings for our girls! Oh and forsure a special Thanks to Jim P. He and Finn together chose the perfect 1st day of school outfit!
I have some new recipes up my sleeves and look forward to sharing them with all of you & Some fun new local beers and wines will be available next year… Cheers!
On a very sad note our Beloved dog Holly May went to heaven this summer. She is missed daily.
We have added a new lil addition to the Bloomquist home, her name is Buttercup and is a wonderful lil pup. I know she looks forward to meeting everyone, and will have lots of puppy kisses for you!
To quote our dear Friends…We wish you a Very MERRY FISH-MAS! A Happy & Healthy 2014!!

We look forward to seeing you in 2014!!
Please contact us via phone 406 468 2224 Lodge
406 431 8590 Joe Cell
406 788 2220 Linds Cell or email us at mojoebloomquist@yahoo.com
We are filling up quickly for our next season… So, Please get a hold of us as soon as you are ready to make your reservation with us. The sooner we get you on the calendar the better your chances we will have availability and the better guides you will have.

Thank you Again for Another Wonderful Year!!
Our Very Best ~ Joe, Lindsey, Hannah & Finnah xoxo

Joe W. Bloomquist
Missouri River Lodge
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