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Frequently asked questions

  • 1. Where do we fly into?
    Both Helena or Great Falls are 45 miles away from us and we recommend which ever airport you can get cheaper flights and more reasonable times that suits your schedules, fly there.
  • 2. When is the best time to come and fish with you?
    Our prime season is between April to October. The fishing is great throughout this time. The weather is cooler in the spring and fall, but the fishing is hot!
  • 3. What do we bring on our fishing trip?
    We will supply you with a What to Bring List upon booking. We recommend a hat, sunglasses, sunblock, raingear, camera. During the cooler months, layers are your best bet.
  • 4. How many fish can I expect to catch in a day?
    Catching fish is never guaranteed. We never have control of the weather. We recommend booking as early as you can, which will book the top guides on the river for you. Everyone catches fish on the Missouri, the question is, can you keep track?
  • 5. Do I tip my guide? How much should I tip?
    Drift boat is anywhere from $125-175 per day. Jet boat is anywhere from $175-225 per day. This is where I tell guests to start. You can go up or down from there depending on how your guide did that day and if you feel that they did or didn't live up to your standards. Tipping is not mandatory but it is customary and very much appreciated.
  • 6. Do we tip the lodge staff? How much?
    Lodge staff is $25 per person / per day or 20% per trip cost. Tipping staff is not expected or required, but is appreciated.
  • 7. What if I am a beginner or want to bring a beginner?
    Bring them! We love starting that fire in someone that is willing to learn.
  • 8. How young is too young to bring someone or get them started in fly fishing?
    It all depends on the person. We have taken 5 year olds that will never quit. We have taken older kids that last for only a few hours. Most kids are ready to learn between 8 and 10 years old.
  • 9. Can we keep our fish
    We practice catch and release! Job security! Our fish do not taste very good anyways. They fight hard and are fun to catch.
  • 10. Can we fish different waters?
    Yes. We do fish several different rivers, wade fishing small streams, and have many different sections that we can fish.
  • 11. Do I need a fishing license? Where do I get a license?
    Yes, you will need a license. They can be bought here at one of the fly shops in town or you can get them online at They will sell you a 2-day, 10-day, or season license. If you are coming for 3 or 4 days of fishing you can buy two 2-day license to cover 4 days.
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