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The Missouri River is a large tailwater that flows out of Holter Dam and is fishable for 40+ miles past the town of Cascade. This section of river has 13 boat access points allowing us to mix and match many different combinations of your float each day.

Fishing much like a large spring creek, the Missouri offers some of the best dry fly action anywhere in the world.  Depending on the time of year, consistent hatches of caddis, PMD's, tricos, midges, BWO's and grasshoppers bring large numbers of wild rainbow and strong brown trout to the surface throughout the year. A float trip can run for 2-15 miles, with over 5,000 wild trout per mile averaging 18", with the occasional brown trout over two feet long.

The Missouri River is very technical, so we provide you with the top guides to ensure the most "X-Stream"  fly fishing experience ever. Our guides are equipped with the best boats, flies, and knowledge of where to take you, what to use, and how to use it. Our primary way of fishing the Missouri is out of drift boats with the occasional wade fishing spot.

The trout here on the Mighty Mo are all wild fish that reproduce naturally right here in the river or in the small tributaries that flow into the Missouri. The dam adds to the prolific bug life by providing more consistent water flow and temperature throughout the year, which gives this section of the river the best of all worlds for our trout. This counts for the large number and large size of our fish that will run you into your backing on a daily basis!

We practice catch and release here at the Missouri River Lodge to ensure that there will always be plenty of fish the next time you wish to come and fish with us.

Missouri River


Join us on our exclusive day trip to the Land of the Giants. This section of river houses some of the biggest rainbows and browns this country has to offer in a wild setting. After spending their winter months in the lake, these pigs move into the river to spawn and spend the summer months gorging on the rich bug life. The average rainbow is around 24", with the elusive brown around 26". This is truly and X-Stream adventure! There is no place in the lower 48 that is going to give you a comparable opportunity to catch wild, trophy, explosive, and sheer numbers of amazing trout as you'll find here. The Land of the Giants truly is one of our special places. Bookings fill up fast due to the limited space. Be sure to request the number of days you would like upon booking your trip. Click here to see our rates and request a quote.

Land of the Giants


One of the most famous and beautiful rivers is only an hour away. The Blackfoot River is a freestone river that provides an opportunity for fly fisherman to try their skills on native westslope cutthroats. These trout, as well as rainbow, brown, rare brook trout, and bull trout can all be caught on this magnificent stream. Using large, attractive patterns guarantees that these fish will strike as if they have never eaten. The Blackfoot River offers countless ripples, pools and runs for you to try your nymphs, streamers, and dry flies with the anticipation of catching a fish over 20" long on every cast. 

Blackfoot River


Wade Fishing

Get out of the boat for a change and try wade fishing in smaller mountain streams just minutes from the lodge. These gin-clear waters rarely see fisherman. It is a real chance to get away from all civilization and try your hand at throwing 0 to 4 weight rods at mountain rainbows and brown trout. The excitement of occasionally landing an 18" trout in a high mountain stream on light tackle is the essence of fly fishing.


The Missouri River Lodge and X-Stream fly fishing is now offering fly fishing for carp. The world's next game fish on the fly! These fish are incredible with their size, power, strength and wariness to a fly. These fish will test any angler's patience, skill, and ability. Fishing for these big fish is a lot like bone fish or red fish on the flats. The water is very clear and you will have hundreds of targets to throw at each day. Stocking these fish in knee-deep water that is as warm as a bathtub, looking for tailing fish that will eat is what saltwater fishing is all about. Well, Montana does not have the saltwater, but we do have the fish. These studs average 10lbs and will give your five weight rod everything it can handle. To true fly fisherman that catch and release, these fish will offer you something new to try the next time you are staying with us at the Missouri River Lodge.

Carp on the Fly

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